The Greyzone: Insights On Leading Your Career with Intention

by Tamara Palmer

Pulling together wisdom from a decade of career-oriented blogs, The Greyzone: Insights on Leading Your Career with Intention will inspire you while fueling you with practical tools whether you’re in job search mode or just looking to bring more intention to your career. 

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Tamara Palmer Author

About the Author

Tamara Palmer

Tamara Palmer is a career and life coach, retreat leader, and at her core, a storyteller. Tamara has been guiding clients to make intentional career decisions while she’s been pursuing her life path as a writer. Tamara is the author of The Greyzone: Insights on Leading Your Career with Intention. Her fiction titles include Missing Tyler, Finding Lancelot and a short-story collection, Truncated. She lives just outside Chicago with her husband, daughter, and an assortment of pets

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