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Truncated Book Cover


A Short Story Collection by Tamara Palmer

In Truncated, we are dropped into love.

Through these snapshots in time, we meet a suburban mom reunited with her high school crush, a World War II-era bride anxiously awaiting her returning husband, a young man pining for his roommate’s girlfriend, and more.

The stories span generations and remind us that regardless of age or era, love can be alluring, exciting and – more often than not – fleeting.

“May you never stop falling in love,” Tamara says to her readers. Her stories kept me engaged and made me smile. I traveled into the setting and watched each couple at the pivotal point in their relationship. This book can be gulped in one night, or rationed like a box of chocolates, one scrumptious story a day. Wonderful work by the talented author.

Alina Rubin

Author, A Girl with a Knife

Missing Tyler, Novel by Tamara Palmer


A Novel by Tamara Palmer

Fed up with a career path that is leading nowhere, less-than-happy relationships with family and friends, and topped off by a sudden and painful breakup with her long-time boyfriend, Amanda finds a flyer advertising past-life regressions on a Starbucks bulletin board. Feeling an instant pull to follow a path she never knew existed, something tells her it will reveal her true love and life purpose. In a desperate effort to push forward, Amanda decides to dare a dive into her past in the hopes it will generate the answers she so urgently seeks.

From the skyscrapers of Chicago to the rolling hills of 15th century Western England to a present-day Renaissance Faire in Colorado, Amanda’s adventure takes her around the world and into another life experience as she relives its relationships and loves as a way to build better ones today. Anyone who has ever yearned to find their soulmate will identify with Amanda’s journey. Is any distance — or time — too far to travel for love?

Finding Lancelot left me wanting more, not only every time I put it down, but all the way to the end! Books like this, that keep my up late at night, and find me sneaking in extra afternoon breaks, are my favorite. This book tingles so many emotions – plus I learned about past life regression therapy! This book is sure to be a quick favorite as the writing style is refreshingly authentic, and the pace of the book is captivating.

Amazon Customer

Missing Tyler, Novel by Tamara Palmer


A Novel by Tamara Palmer

Summer break has just begun and Kit Carlin is on her way to a funeral: to bury her twin brother. Kit has to find a way to put the broken puzzle of her life back together following Tyler’s death. She navigates through grief and family trauma by finding support in unexpected places and a growing understanding of what comes after life. There are laughter and tears, summer beach time on the Jersey shore, and the complicated “rollercoaster” of young love, jealousy, and sex. The joys and pains of Kit’s fifteenth summer become part of her unique journey of recovery and self-discovery as all of her experiences leave her changed forever.


Missing Tyler is an absolute gem. This novel is a tender, heartfelt, poetic, and above all else, an honest story of death, grief, recovery, and love. An amazing book with a thundering heart. A YA masterpiece, but like the best, a beautiful book for readers of any age.

Laura Pritchett

Accomplished Author

Truncated Book Cover

The Anatomy of a Book
An Anthology including Tamara Palmer

Learn from twenty leading industry experts about writing, publishing, and book marketing. Let us simplify what can be a complicated and overwhelming process. This book will lay it all out in easy-to-understand chapters so you have the tools for success. This is more than a manual for success. It’s a community. We’ve created a team to support you and your publishing goals.

This book is packed with tips a writer can put into practice immediately. A good read to put on your night table and absorb one chapter at a time. I’ll be reading this again and again.

Rozsa Gaston

Author, Anne of Brittany Series